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My name is Maya, and I was born and raised in the Philippines. Ever since I was a little girl, it’s always been a dream of mine to design clothes. I grew up in a remote town where girls like me all dressed the same way. Girls were (and are) too afraid to be different where I’m from. I’m a self-taught artist and photographer. I finished my college degree in 2006, but it was not art or fashion related. In addition, my entire employment history is not even close to what I really like. I traveled, lived all over Southeast Asia. When I moved to the United States, the first job I got was in the hospitality field, as a sales coordinator.

 After two years, I quit my job. It was not easy but the calling to fulfill the lifelong dream was strong. I knew it wasn’t too late to make the dream a reality.  I enrolled in online tutorials about pattern making, draping and sewing. I bought books and studied everyday while working on the clothes. I photograph my own fashion shoots, I am the stylist and the creative director. I also focus on sustainable fashion, and my collection includes recycled fabrics. Coming from a third world country and living here in the United States has made me realize so many things I could do to help this planet. There’s a huge amount of unwanted fabrics that goes in the trash every single day.  I thought why not recycle and give them a new life? I hope to inspire other people and remind them to always believe in the power of dreams.  Follow your bliss, do what you love. I hope you enjoy my collection and we’ll see you on the runway!


For collaboration, investment and questions about custom made dresses, send us an email.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168

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